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LISBOA – fashion & travel

Hi girls!

As always I’m here, back from an other exciting trip, and today I’m going to show you the things you don’t have to miss in the beautiful city of Lisbon!

DSC04611.jpg DSC04607.jpg

Today we are going to explore the central areas of Alfama and Baixa and we will walk a lot up and down the streets -the city is on hills… -, so make sure you are comfy and fresh. I was wearing my supercool denim skirt matched with a really light yellow blouse. The bag is very small because we don’t want to carry with us a lot of weight.


Carry a map with you!

DSC04464.jpg DSC04467.jpg

Let’s start with Praca do Comercio, which is huge and white. It is the very center of the city.


The square is on the sea so that you can admire the bridges. The most beautiful is the 25th April bridge which is very similar to the one in San Francisco.


From the Elevador of Santa Justa you can see Lisbon from the high. I don’t know if it’s worth, because I didn’t enter it.

DSC04498.jpg DSC04511.jpg

Lisbon is very colorful!

DSC04501.jpgDSC04499.jpg DSC04503.jpg

Praca Rossio is as beautiful as Praca do Commercio, so don’t miss it!

Moving to Alfama you will see a lot of typical shops and colors that aren’t in Baixa. So if you want to see the real Lisbon, go there!


Sardines are the fish of Lisbon. They are everywhere!


The Fado is the typical music of Portugal and it’s very exciting to listen to at night.


A tour in Tram 28 is an other thing you don’t have to miss! It costs 3,40€, I think, but it’s cool.

DSC04573.jpg DSC04598.jpg DSC04599.jpg DSC04619.jpg

I recommend you to visit the Alfama on foot, because the beauty is in the houses and in the little corners 😉


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