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BELEM – fashion & travel

Hi girls!

Today I want to take you between the streets of a magic area of Lisbon: Belem. If the Baixa was mostly commercial, while the Alfama was very close to traditions, Belem is the place where History and Art meet.

First of all make sure you are dressed in a very comfy way because you will have to walk pretty a lot and don’t forget to wear very light clothes because it will be so hot! Sunscreen is a must if you don’t want to look like a red shrimp…

My outfit was all about basics but with those edgier touches like the belt and the sparkling tank. I actually love it, and you?

DSC04781.jpg DSC04758.jpg DSC04816.jpg DSC04788.jpg

The first place you have to check is absolutely the “Pasteis of Belem” where you can have breakfast with one of their very tipical creamy pastries.


Walking on the main street the second attraction you will see is the “Monastero dos Jeronimos” which is amazing from the outside with all its bas-relieves. I have to be honest: we didn’t enter because the queue was too long, but it’s worth from the outside.

DSC04710.jpg DSC04714.jpg

While you are walking you may see one of these fantastic murals. Lisbon is full of them.


Belem is also famous for its huge tower.


Last but not least there is the “Padrao dos Descobrimentos” which was under renovation, so I don’t have photos of it.. What a pity!

Here are some random images that we took just walking. It’s just to show you how life is in Belem.

DSC04724.jpg DSC04730.jpg DSC04791.jpg


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